Mulligan did not have a good doggie day today….



Mr a Mulligan has had a tough week.

Poor thing hurt himself when we went to cabin.

Our dear Dr Christine treated the big guy with very conservative anti inflammatories. It’s a drug that’s been around forever and only a small percentage of dogs have a reaction.

But, if we’ve learned anything here on Marrs, we’ve learned that if there is a small reaction to be had….we almost always manage to find it.

Very rarely this particular med will hit a liver funny.

So, after Christine came by first thing this morning….and a simple lab test later….mulligan spent the day in the doggie hospital.

Poor bogey was all out of sorts today.

So was d.

And so was mulligan.

I opted to pick him up so he could spend the night at home before he goes back again tomorrow for another round of IV fluids.

He was so happy to see me and blow that Popsicle stand.


He’s finally dropped after a small dinner of super yummy chicken and rice.

Poor baby and his cone of shame.


My dad was a bad ass….


Jack needed a few pictures of his Grandpa Bob for a school project.

My father went digging through old photos and sent some I hadn’t seen before.


West Point 1964….



Vietnam 1965….


Vietnam 1969…..


Ft Meade 1978…
(’78 explains the cheesy mustache ;))


It’s a Liz and Marisa day….



I have help that comes into the house. Right now it’s Jillian and Phindy.

And the relationship that you develop with these (mostly) twenty something women who work in my house is pretty unique.

They show up on my doorstep when I haven’t slept….or showered….or when I’ve been fighting with Hugh…and hang with my most vulnerable Marrtian.

Any person that hangs with your children, you trust. But imagine how much you have to trust these folks if you have a nonverbal child. One that can’t tell you if something bad is going on.

We have been so blessed to have some pretty amazing women come through here over the last dozen years.

And, through the power of the Internet, I keep in touch with a bunch of them.

They are all so very different, but the one thing that they have in common is the love they have for my beautiful red head.

Like Kate said to a girlfriend of hers trying to explain who Liz and Marisa are to us…

They are family.

And we love them.


It’s a Liz and Marisa day!!! I’m so excited to see them and catch up past Facebook.

Ok….I admit it….


I panicked a bit today.

Poor poor mulligan can’t wag his tail.

And he hurts.

I thought for sure he broke his tail and I was such a horrible owner…and I couldn’t even tell you when it happened.

Dr Christine, Mulligans very best friend, talked me out of the tree.

She (the professional) believes it to be more likely to be limp tail brought on with the crazy fun day we had at the cabin.

And was gracious enough to leave meds before taking off to enjoy her weekend.

So Christine, here is my very public apology for crashing into your weekend…but thank you so very much for allowing it. I, at least, am feeling so much better.

And mulligan?

He is on his way….