And STILL he doesn’t swim…


Hugh ditched work today.

What should we do on this amazing eighty degree spring day?

We hit the cabin.

We don’t make it there as frequently as I would like….but every time we go, I’m always glad we made the effort.












And yes, we own the only yellow lab ever that doesn’t swim….

Right now….


Hugh’s entire family is in Vegas celebrating his sister’s birthday.

His sisters.

His brothers in law.

His parents.

Our nieces and nephews.

Ask me if we were invited.


We wouldn’t have been able to go anyway. His work, Danny…

But we weren’t invited.

The astounding rate that people drop out of your life when you have a kid that’s different….but you expect…and even hope…that it doesn’t include the group of people who are always supposed to be around.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Most of the time I have no idea why Danny wakes at night…


Last night?

That’s easy.

He kept making sure dad was around.

All busy season, D would go days without seeing his dad, he would sock out before Hugh got home from work. And Hugh would wake long before the rest of us chickens and try to sneak out.

Last night, Hugh got home at a reasonable hour.

After seeing dad for a few minutes, D went to bed.

And then the poor peanut woke about midnight….


But it was sweet.

He kept touching dad to make sure he was still there.

Hugh’s reentry can sometimes be bumpy.

Everyone is tired.

And D making sure dad is still around doesn’t add to the overall restfulness.

But it does make Hugh feel loved.



It’s after 5:00pm on April 15th….


And you know where Hugh is?


Not at the office….



Yep, another tax season under our belts.

Hugh may be the man at the office, but all five of us Marrtians (six if you count Jillian…and we absolutely count Jillian this time of year) have put in long hard hours all throughout busy season.

And the best part?

Guess what happens tomorrow…

Go on.



That’s not it either….

Ok, ok…I’ll tell you.

No alarm.


That’s right.

For the first time in eighty days (we could have gone around the world since crazy busy season started) there will be no alarm going off at 4:00am!!!!

Hot dog!!!

And yes, I appreciate the irony of you reading about this on my blog…


I was on Facebook and I read about someone’s daughter’s heart was broken because the guy she was dating changed his relationship status to “recently single” through Instagram….without having “the conversation” with her.

There are parts of “the world becoming smaller” that I love….I can see what long time friends are up to. I’ve connected with some family that I hadn’t seen in twenty years….I can research easily Danny’s condition and new directions the science is taking…I’ve connected with other mommas with kiddos similar to d…


It still doesn’t replace an actual face to face connection.

For example, I’ve kept up with my dear friend Carrie’s life through Facebook….but it’s not the same as running into her at the dog park last week and talking for an hour while our dogs were taking the park by storm.

The art of when it is appropriate to have a face to face conversation is getting completely lost.

And sometimes, you need to have the messy conversation.

Real relationships, be them friendships or more than, are messy and complicated.

I’m old, forty five.

And I appreciate that things are different now. But it still doesn’t change the fact that you should have enough respect for someone that you spent time with to allow them the messy conversation as to why you don’t want to hang with them anymore rather than changing a relationship status on social media.

(I wasn’t allowed to break up with someone over the phone, I was taught to show respect for the other person…even if it was messy. )

People hide behind their computers and the touch pads on their phones.

The kids don’t actually talk when they date anymore…they Facebook, they text….and that’s how they break up too.

There are so many parts of electronic communication I really like. It is convenient…

But, anyone that thinks it’s a suitable replacement for a real connection…is just wrong….and cowardly.

Personally, I prefer my people real. That they are human. With all human emotions, rather than their “profile”. Mess and all.


So I had my “That’s it!!! I’m tired!!! And I really need to get my backside to the beach, and take a few days off” meltdown yesterday.


I like Colorado.

I actually love Colorado….most of the time.

It’s beautiful here. You can see forever, the sky is a shade of blue unique to here, there are no bugs, everywhere you look, you can see the mountains….

But I miss the water.

There is not a bunch of water out here.

I’m tired.

This year, I wasn’t going to take my run away from home and responsibilities trip because of blowing the budget huge when I got sucked into drama last fall.

Problem is? I really have become to rely on that.

After chatting with Hugh, about if we take a family beach trip….that doesn’t really do it for me. That while I really love my surroundings, it’s just a change of location…my job description is still the same. (After two decades, that man knows me quite well)

And taking the trip in the spring is just too hard…he’s tired, kids are busy, the timing just didn’t work well.

So, this year, I’m going in the Fall…the first part of November.

Now, that probably means that Carolina Beach is out as the temps there won’t be warm enough for me to recharge.

So where do I go?

After just bumping around the Internet…I think I’m going to Playa del Carmen. Why not a place mentioned in a Kenny Chesney song?





Can you blame me?

Do you see those beaches?


So if the snow doesn’t melt enough for me to get a run in today…I’m going to start getting thing together for a passport.


You know what one does when one’s labs were making one crazy???


One throws them in the car…


Even when it looks like this outside…



And hits the dog park….




We had the place all to ourselves….


So totally worth the getting wet and cold….

Because a tired puppy is a well behaved puppy.

Which makes for a more pleasant snowy Sunday.