So what DO we do on the no sleeping days…???


Pretty much the same as we do on the sleeping days.

We just have more of the day to use.






And because we started our day at 1:30am….I was also able to crank out repainting the half bath before the alarm signifying it’s time to rally the troops for school went off.





This afternoon Danny and I are hanging out.


On the floor.

So over comes the dogs. To see what’s up…


Next thing you know, Bogey is pushing and squishing the tent…

And I hear “Bo-gey….!!!!!!”


Mr Dan was expressing his frustration with the youngest member of the family.


(For those of you that are new, Danny is completely nonverbal and I mean completely….except for the random completely appropriate to the situation words falling out of his head, he communicates with sign)

Today is Rare Disease Day….



Danny has mitochondrial disease.

From Mito Action

“Mitochondrial disease is an inherited chronic illness that can be present at birth or develop later in life. It causes debilitating physical, developmental, and mental disabilities with symptoms including poor growth; loss of muscle coordination; muscle weakness and pain; seizures; vision and/or hearing loss; gastrointestinal issues; learning disabilities; and organ failure. About 1 in 2,000 people has Mito. It’s progressive and there is no cure.”

click here to learn more

It’s not a “rare disease” on Marrs.

Everyone should have a Debbie.


There are some friendships that defy distance and time.

The rare and priceless connections that you only make a few times in a lifetime.

They are the people that you can go ages without seeing or speaking with but when your phone rings you both have a conversation like you just saw them last week with no awkwardness.

Who knew that when Hugh offered to help get a tv in their house forever (literally…..two children for each of us) ago….that she would still be someone that is important in my life???

It was great to take some time today and catch up.

Miss you Debbie.

Yeehaw! It’s a Snow Day!!!


From Jeffco Public Schools. We are declaring a Snow Day, today, Thursday, February 26th, 2015. All Jeffco Public Schools are closed.
Jeffco Public Schools

I see the text right before it’s time to rally the troops for the day.

I’m not sure who was more excited.

Jack, who kept asking to see the text to confirm that yes, we are having a snow day…


Kate, who said “yes” and rolled over to go back to sleep….

Danny is just thrilled to have his brother and sister home.

I’m just as bad as the kids.

I love snow days.


“Caroline’s Cart”



It’s my new favorite thing.


It’s a way to take Danny through a store without having him sit in the back of a cart….which he is getting to big for anymore.

It is amazing how much easier something is when you have the right equipment!!!!