The rain finally stopped…


So, since it’s spring it’s time to work in the back yard. 

In addition with putting down some new sod, I pulled out chalkboard paint, spray paint, and voila 



New repurposed landscape lighting to occupy the dead spaces on the femce as I just can’t get anything to grow in between the trees. 


It was a busy but crazy productive honey do kind of day. 

Have I mentioned that I’m really ready for it to be warm enough to plant flowers???



I’m ready for Spring full time…


For those of you that know me personally, you will not be surprised. 

(For everyone else.)

One of the things I do to relax is to take a thrift store find and repurpose it. There is very little our house that looks the same as it did the day it came home. 

Today, during the burr cold…spring has taken a holiday…snow storm, I was busy with some old chandeliers and cheap solar lights. 

Ta and Da 

More functional for us, as the dogs knock over everything at ground level, landscape lighting. 





Hopefully, I can start planting my pallets soon. 

Happy ” I’m no longer single parenting” Day…


Otherwise known as tax day.

There really is such a thing as a tax widow.

Hugh’s been working fourteen hour days for ten weeks straight.


He has been able to get home in time to hang out with Danny for a bit by 6:00pm.


Go ahead.

Do the mental math at the ungodly hour his alarm must go off so he can shower.

And the commute.

The kids have been great this year. Everyone pitched in without too much complaining.

Best of all???

We have a rarity tonight

Everyone will be home for dinner.

So, we are celebrating another busy season under our belts and the that the alarm will not go off at 2:10am.