New school year….


It’s time to have a daily conversation about why Danny wasn’t in school today. 

Every evening since school started I have CSH Absense pop up on my cell phone screen.  

And every evening I phone the school and remind them that Danny is actually on homebound so there is no reason for them to call me every night. 

Today was technically a day we would have tried to go to PE. 

Unfortunately, we looked like this at 1:20am. 

And he never went back to sleep. 

(This time, it was Bogey’s fault. Something startled her causing her to bark for about a minute….)

Fall Ball…..


I was able to get out with Danny and catch my favorite baseball player in action. 

Jack, our youngest Marrtian, is lucky 13 😂


We did have to draw multiple rainbows to make it happen.  Totally worth it btw.  


He’s a heck of a ball player. 😉



An open letter to the kind trio that helped me with Danny today….


Danny had a tough afternoon. 

Right after paddle boarding he and I discussed his missing “5”


You see, this was mostly my fault.  I didn’t grab the entire set of whatever it is that he’s collecting right now. 

He was convinced I left it at the lake. 

Which was the catalyst to the dangerous meltdown he and I had at the turning lane at Wadsworth and c470 today trying to go home to find the missing piece. 

He unbuckled and threw him self onto the road during a very busy and high speed intersection. 

It took every ounce of strength to hold on to him as I unbuckled to climb over the seats to try to put myself between him and on coming traffic 

A Honda CR-V pulled in front of us. And three folks got out to brave the zipping around us traffic to help me convince Danny to get back into the car.  

They offered to help as I barked directions…and God love them, they followed my instructions to a t.  I’m sure they saw a crazy panicked frazzled mom, but they not only stepped in, they helped. 

They got out of their car and helped me defuse an incredibly dangerous situation. 

I am so very grateful. 

And I am so  sorry I didn’t express my thanks like I should since I was still handling Dan. 

Thank you so very much for stopping and helping.