A day at Carolina Beach…


The view from the deck during my morning tea. 




Then we checked out the pier….





Then we explored Fort Fisher…





And Danny participated in the five finger discount.  We totally found these in the car…

Then the beach for a while…


After some down time and then dinner….we went back down. D was a little grumpy that I wouldn’t let him “swim bubbles” during high tide. 




It was another good day. 

Family pictures….


The kids are getting so big. The boys especially are towering over Kate and I right now. 

We have been trying for months to schedule a family picture. But between sports and the weather….

Anyway, the last of our “structure” for our week at the beach was family pictures this evening. We did everything we could to make sure Danny was successful. Only one swimming today, lots and lots of time inside out of the heat…..

We get the pictures at the end of the week, but all three kids were amazingly cooperative.